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About pixoomer


Welcome to Pixoomer your personal photo diary with a digital presence! The founder came up with the idea 7 years ago when he was struggling to find a photo on his iPhone. At that point he decided to create a website which does the reverse allows you to add photos to any specific date.

One of our main features include being able to upload images into your calendar with a clever little reminder service available on the App. As our life styles get busier everyday what better than having an App that will be on hand as a constant reminder accompanied with a photo.

The website is based on you creating your own account, but we have extended the functionality of using Facebook, Google and Apple logins which take you straight into the App. There are no gimmicks or annoying ads we wanted to keep it simple and easy to use.

The homepage explains the features of the App which include uploading multiple images, setting reminder alerts, tag your posts so you can find those all-important photos. We have a built in search facility allowing you to find any post at anytime.

We have incorporated three ways you can browse and view your photos. First and foremost, ‘My Diary’ where the images are placed into a calendar like format with a prominent double sized image to let you know when the next reminder is coming up. Secondly, we have added an Instagram type of ‘Homepage’ feed to instantly allow you to see newly added posts by a click of a button. The third and final way is the ‘Reminders’ which display any shared items, friends and all your posts that have a reminder.

When sharing posts with friends and family this has been restricted to Pixoomer only, with three options to select from just me, friends or the whole of Pixoomer! Securing your data is of paramount importance especially if for example you’re using it to manage your household bills and appointments.

Pixoomer’s CEO and founder understands the importance of your data and will allow you to delete your content at any point in time.

We hope you all enjoy using the website and App, most of all being able to find those all-important reminders.